Thung Nang

Thung Nang or Sunshine Valley is located nearby Bich Dong pagoda. This is a new tourism route that connects Bich Dong with Voi Dai temple, Nang valley, Nang grotto, and trekking trail to Doi Nham Resort. Thung Nang Valley is a complex of historical relics and natural beauty, which shall give tourists new discovery tours, for example Ecology tour, sightseeing, grottoes discovery, mountain climbing,,..

Thung Nang valley is in the middle of the ever green forests on limestone mountain reserved un-spoilt sceneries and diversity of flora and fauna. This is not only a good place for sightseeing, but also an ideal challenging possibilities for new experience lovers. On the way to Thung Nang valley, tourists take the rowing boat about 3,5 kilometers, they will arrive at  the holy hundred years temple called Voi. The temple was built of stone and decorated with stone altar, stone incense throne, stone flower vase and stone a tray. After visiting the temple, tourists will reach the Nang valley’s namesake, a valley of never-ending green fields that usually make spectacular colors when the sun rays shine through clouds.

Smoothly floating down the river with a rowing boat to the valley, sound of birds, wooden oars making contact with water and goats calling their friends make this isolating space more heavenly and refreshingly.
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